Detection-by-Localization: Maintenance-Free Change Object Detector

Abstract-Recent researches demonstrate that self-localization performance is a very useful measure of likelihood-of-change (LoC) for change detection. In this paper, this "detection-by-localization" scheme is studied in a novel generalized task of object-level change detection. In our framework, a given query image is segmented into object-level subimages (termed "scene parts"), which are then converted to subimage-level pixel-wise LoC maps via the detection-by-localization scheme. Our approach models a self-localization system as a ranking function, outputting a ranked list of reference images, without requiring relevance score. Thanks to this new setting, we can generalize our approach to a broad class of self-localization systems. Our ranking based self-localization model allows to fuse self-localization results from different modalities via an unsupervised rank fusion derived from a field of multi-modal information retrieval (MMR).

Members: Tanaka Kanji

Relevant Publication:
Tanaka Kanji
Detection-by-Localization: Maintenance-Free Change Object Detector
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Acknowledgements: This work is supported in part by JSPS KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) 23700229, and for Scientific Research (C) 26330297.


Dataset annotation for cross-season change detection

DOWNLOAD: cd19_annotation.txt

Description of file:

meaning of each line:
query_season reference_seson query_image reference_image num_bbs bb_param {bb_param}

meaning of each column:
query_season: season of the query image \in {20120122, 20120331, 20120804, 20121117}
reference_season: season of the reference image (GPS paired with the query image) \in {20120122, 20120331, 20120804, 20121117}
query_image: ID of the query image (16 digits assigned by the NCLT dataset)
reference_image: ID of the reference image (16 digits assigned by the NCLT dataset)
num_bbs: number of changed objects (= number of bounding boxes)
bb_param: parameter of the bounding box, bx by ex ey